Michael Biddison


Michael Biddison enrolled in a BFA program at Indiana university of Pa in 1979 to start his formal training in the arts. With a concentration in painting and drawing, a minor in political science, a host of theatrical credits and summers playing original music 6 nights a week with his band Ticapoo Brain, he charted the exuberant if not somewhat unpredictable course that continues to present. He graduated with honors in 1983 and began honing his techniques, experimented with many materials by embracing a very broad approach to making art and including others in the creative process. 

By the early 90’s Michael had firmly gravitated to an interest in architecture and found objects. This led him to a contract position first as a carpenter and then much more enthusiastically as a Restoration Carpenter.  Michael immediately saw the potential to further develop his connection to these relic objects from days past that were already inspiring his art by learning more about their original design, how they were made , and the stories behind their existence.  He found this in old buildings, parts of abandoned furniture, household objects, folk art on plaster walls, old spoons, and more. From this he has created a work that doesn’t rest easily in any existing category, style, or artistic persuasion.  His aesthetic is not derivative but feels honestly born from the relationships between the object or space and Michael’s vision in concert with the larger group.

What Michael brings to a group creative process is his unique mixture of sensibilities that borrow in different ways from his varied experiences in the creative realms. Clients regularly appreciate Michael's interest in bringing a kind of intimate attention to spaces and objects, paying deep attention to invention and to what is evoked (fine art), how it is made (fine craft), and how it is be pleasurably used and interacted with (music/performance).  He reworks these elements in his head, playing with the elements, lighting, textures…the nuances…into a reborn aesthetic.  He explains it to the client and develops a plan to achieve it.

In addition to his work in fine carpentry Michael has an active career creating commission sculptures and functional artworks throughout the northeast.  Still focusing on using materials that are being re-used and and re-imagined (often from the dumpsters of the latest restoration project) he has worked both by himself and in collaboration with other artists. to make remarkable pieces and environments for homes, retail stores, galleries, and corporate centers through-out the northeast.  From a 27' long sculpture hanging in the AAA headquarters in Wilmington DE (done in collaboration with Scot Kaylor) to plexiglass light sculptures in the offices of the Brandywine Realty Trust at the Cira Center in Philadelphia, Michael has carved a distinctive niche of heartful and imaginative pieces that also are appropriate for a wide viewing audience. You can peer at some sampling of his work at his gallery page at Bodemotion gallery or view his full complicated website at I-Zarts.com

Michael also still makes original music with his band the LLama Dalis. cleans his room every month, and makes great mexican food and salads.

                     Andrew Gustine • 484-919-2764 • gustine@mac.com